What is Microsoft compatibility telemetry? and what data it collects?

Windows compatibility telemetry tool or feature used by the Microsoft company in windows 10 operating system, this tool is used to store and send information about the software which are related to windows. This information is sent to the development team of the Microsoft development team automatically.


This team analyze this critical information. for more information about Microsoft compatibilty telemetry, you can visit https://quotefully.com/microsoft-compatibility-telemetry/. This important information is used to analyze and fix the issues like bugs and other potential risks that may be involved in using Microsoft compatibility telemetry. By doing so the experience of Windows users can be enhanced.

All this data which telemetry sent to Microsoft company is first stored on your computer system. So, some users think that Microsoft company is using this tool to spy on them but that is not the complete truth, Microsoft company had also said about this issue that the information they receive will only to be used for development purposes.

  • Which data can Windows compatibility telemetry collects?

It can store various types of information and send to Microsoft company. It is used to store these types of information:


  • It can send the information of every word that you have typed on your keyboard in every 30 minutes. This data is automatically sent to Microsoft servers.
  • It is used to get every possible detail of device drivers of computer.
  • It is possible for this tool to collect information about the types of hardware your computer does have.
  • Whenever you said something to the Cortana(it is a window personal assistant on windows 10 operating system), then this feature has the capability to store and send that information to Microsoft servers. This important information is used by Microsoft development team to analyze this data.
  • Whenever you try to use for the first time your webcam, then this tool can store and send 35 MB of information to Microsoft servers that webcam has created for the first time.

  • You can have different types of multimedia files on your personal computer, so what Microsoft compatibility telemetry does it makes a list of those files and then send them to the Microsoft company.

You should know Which data Microsoft compatibility telemetry Collects, it can collect data about your computer hardware.

The information is stored on the computer by telemetry first and then it is sent to servers. Sometimes it can cause Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry high disk issue.

  • Frequently asked questions(FAQs):

  • Is there any privacy issue when I am using Microsoft compatibility telemetry?

There is no privacy issue related to Microsoft compatibility telemetry whenever you use this tool on your personal computer. yes, it collects some of the information that many users find very alarming but that information is not used to spy on users.

It is only used for development purposes, even Microsoft company had also publicly said that information collected is used only for research that is ultimately used to enhance the user experience.

  • If I uninstall Microsoft compatibility telemetry, does it also affect the working of Cortana?

Absolutely not, if you uninstall this feature, Cortana will not get affected as both are different features of Microsoft. You can use Cortana easily.

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